Our Policies

Lawn Mowing Service

Mow front and back yard.  Line trim around beds, fences, trees (please protect to avoid tree damage), AC, and areas not accessible with mower. Blow clean. 

Mow Day & Time

We mow Monday through Friday. Our crews are in certain areas on certain days, so you will be assigned a specific mow day.The crew follows the same route every week, so you will notice they arrive about the same time each week. However, as we add customers, it may change, so we cannot guarantee a time of day. Our crews sometimes work until 7PM; so if your yard is not mowed by 5PM, do not worry. 

Lawn Mowing Season

Mowing starts week #13 or #14 or the 2nd or 3rd week of April depending on weather. Lawn mowing season stops week #43-#45 or between the last week of October and the 2nd week of November, depending on weather. 


We try to complete our routes unless it is pouring rain all day, in which case, we push back the remainder of the work one business day, utilizing Saturday to catch up for the week. This is a strict scheduled service, and we rely on you to call if you feel it is too wet to mow and would like to skip one service. Unfortunately, if you skip the mow, it cannot be re-scheduled for a later day that week. Keep in mind the grass will get tall which may create some problems.

Fall Leaf Clean-Up

Fall Leaf Clean-up starts the week before Thanksgiving and runs through December.


Cleaning out your flowerbeds is not apart of the basic mowing service; however, please contact R&S Complete Landscaping inc. if you wish to add this service.


If you lock your gate, it must have a combination lock for us to service your property. Our crews are very careful about locking and closing gates, but we do not guarantee that a pet will not escape from the yard; therefore, you accept our service with this provision.


You may want to skip a mowing for some reason (i.e. back yard project, rain, etc.) if you are a weekly customer. Please give at least 1-2 days notice for any skips


There are no deductions if you build a pool and decrease the size of your yard. Serving a home with a pool actually creates more areas to mow around, more line trimming, and less open areas to mow. 


Bills to be paid within 30 days of the statement date.  If we do not receive payment or notification that a payment is on its way, there will be a1.5% service charge applied to the bill until the balance is paid in full.  We also have a 12-month payment plan for those who would like our service and would prefer to make 12 payments.  Please ask about this option when scheduling your first mow! Jobs such as planting, sod and other larger jobs will require ½ payment up front and final payment at the completion of the job.


If we damage a sprinkler head or draincap, contact us within a week of the damage & we will repair or replace it.

Size of Lot

R&S Complete  Landscaping Inc. is designed to service the community at reasonable prices. Our pricing structure is based on the size of your lot before any improvements. Our weekly rate is based not only the size of your property but If you have multi levels, steep areas, inaccessible areas including gates under 36", or any other factors that will require more time and material to be used at the job.


If you feel our work is unsatisfactory,just call or email a short request and we will be happy to send our crew back to redo the service without an additional charge. If you do not notify us in 24hrs. we consider the work satisfactory for that trip. With your help we can talk to our crews about your concerns so they can fix it for the remaining services. Please contact us with your concerns and suggestions.


Bi-weekly mowing schedules are available at $7 per trip more than weekly. Please be advised that most yards will not look their best (in season) with less than weekly service, and our guarantee tore-do is limited on bi-weekly accounts.


You must make changes at least one day before your mow day to become effective. 


There is no obligation on either party to begin or continue service. If you sign up as a customer, we consider you a customer from season to season until you cancel. There is no penalty or cancellation fee for discontinuing a service.

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