We offer many different services including:

  • Lawn Care Services
  • Shrub and Tree Care
  • Tick , Flea, and Mosquito Control

Our programs will give you top quality, properly timed applications needed to increase and maintain your lawns beauty year after year. 

Our programs will give you the most effective results, service, and value.

For best results, all Lawn Programs will require proper mowing, watering, and a correct pH level. We will advise you in these areas.

*Please contact us to discuss any of our programs in greater detail.

Tree and Shrub Care


You have already invested your time and/or money in the bushes, trees and plantings that surround your home. That is why it's so important to nourish your shrubs and trees - and protect them from pesky insects, hungry bugs, worrisome blight, and the ravages of blustery winter weather. A vibrant, well-maintained landscape will enhance the beauty of your property and add value to your home.

You may choose to go with our basic tree and shrub program or you may customized your  program. The basic program is focused on preventing the common insect problems as well as deep root fertilization to ensure healthy, robust trees and shrubs.

Fungicide Sprays

Treatment of tree’s and shrubs with fungus problems.Preventative treatments available on tree’s and shrubs with fungus problems from year to year.

Anti Dessicant Spray

This helps to prevent winter damage.

Flea, Tick, and Mosquito Control

Used to help control flea’s ticks and mosquito’s on properties with a large population of these insects. The number of applications will be determined by the size of the problem and the specific pest involved.

Lawn Programs

1. Early Spring

Early Spring Fertilizer and Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control Designed to stimulate lush, new spring growth,this early spring application will provide superior color enhancement. In addition, a pre-emergent problem grass control will be applied to destroy crabgrass seeds before they emerge and establish.

2. Late Spring

Late Spring Fertilizer and Broadleaf Weed Control This late spring application focuses on maintaining your lawn’s beauty,
as well as eliminating any unsightly broadleaf weeds.

3. Early Summer 

Early Summer Fertilizer and Surface Insect Control Designed to help prepare your lawn for tough summer stress; this early summer application will provide outstanding control of damaging,surface-feeding insects.

4. Late Summer Fertilizer, early Fall

This late summer application will provide your lawn with the essential nutrients needed to sustain optimum health and vibrancy through intense summer heat and stress.    

5 Winterizer
Winterizing Fertilizer Applied just before dormancy, this winterizing application allows your lawn to store the necessary nutrients needed for a beautiful spring green-up.

*These 5 steps are the basic program. The conditions of each lawn vary, therefor sometimes requiring additional steps to be taken. As with all our services R&S complete landscaping Inc. Is always looking to provide the best approach to your specific needs.


Some lawns may require additional steps such as a second crabgrass application done either late spring or fall.


 Grub control is applied late spring early summer to protect your lawn against devastating White grubs.


There are many different types of fungus that appear at different times of the year. Because these fungus’ are caused by different weather conditions the treatments will vary. 

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