We are located in Suffolk County NY. Whether you have a specific service in mind or need some assistance in deciding what's right for your property, there's a qualified professional team here to help you. Since we are a full service landscaping company, chances are you’ll find what you need here. 


Watering: Never water your lawn at 15-20 minutes per zone. This will create surface rooting, disease, and an unhealthy lawn. Water deep and infrequent to develop a deep root system and stronger lawn. Start your system one day per week around mid to late May, then increase to two or three days per week based on weather conditions. Generally three times per week during the hot, dry summer. Cut back watering days going into September and stop watering around October 1st. Try not to water on your mowing day. It's best to water a day or two after. Run system from approximately 3AM to 7AM, earlier and later with larger systems. To help prevent disease, never start system during PM hours.

We are here to serve all your 
landscaping needs, large or small.



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